Welcome to API Studio!

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A few words about API Studio

  • It’s free
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Supports model-first API development in Swagger
  • Validates your Swagger automatically, as you work
  • Let’s you download your work into a Node.js project
  • Based on the popular Swagger Editor
  • Generates API docs for you
  • Lets you run your API with simulated responses

Define your API model using Swagger

You define your API in the Swagger editor. This is the playground!

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You can define API paths and operations and response schema, and while you type, API Studio automatically validates your Swagger and generates API documenation.

Everything is in YAML, so it’s easy to read and straightforward. The model must conform to the Swagger specification.

Be careful, the validator is very picky! But you can easily correct any errors as you go.

The File menu

Let’s you create new projects, import existing projects, and view the project in Swagger UI. See File menu.

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The Download menu

Let’s you export your API to JSON, YAML, or to a Node.js project See Download menu.

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Generate API docs automatically

As mentioned before, as you develop your API model in the editor, Swagger Studio generates docs for you automatically. The code and the docs are one. Nothing ever gets out of sync.

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Simulated responses

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This slider button lets you enable and disable the simulator. When you’re running in the Studio, you’ll usually want this to be ON. The key is that as long as you’re in simulator mode, you want the API host and basepath to point to the API Studio environment:

host: playground.apistudio.io
basePath: /try/931bff20-187e-4396-935b-8fc53b7b20e5

See Simulating API responses.

Try stuff out

The Try this operation button lets you run your API directly from the Studio.

In this picture, we “try” the /hello path, and the Studio returns a simulated response.

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